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Hydro Impulse Systems GmbH

Innovation for life on and under the water

Hydro Impulse sets new standards for marine drive systems. The revolutionary impeller system transmits the power to the water with greater efficiency for a higher range with less energy input, on top of more boating fun while also protecting the underwater world more effectively.

+20% Efficiency

80% efficiency over the entire speed range compared to the maximum 60% efficiency at design speed of conventional propellers

+20% Range

20% more range especially for electric boats with limited space and weight capacity. Range can last for a whole day.

New Sterndrive development

World‘s first new development of a Sterndrive in three decades and world‘s first sterndrive for high-torque e-motors

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About alba

We develop sustainable maritime solutions through innovation and collaboration. Our customer- and family-centered approach ensures long-term prosperity while addressing environmental challenges. By fostering partnerships, we are shaping a greener and more efficient maritime future.


alba’s mission is to create sustainable solutions and businesses that improve the way people live and work, including protecting our environment, through innovation and cooperation in the maritime industry.


alba aims to be a pioneer in the development of sustainable and innovative solutions in the maritime industry. Through cooperations, new pioneers are established that further develop the maritime industry in a sustainable and resource-saving way.

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